How to Choose the Right Computer Keyboard For You

computer keyboard helpComputer keyboard variations are extensive. And, there are numerous computer keyboard categories: lighted, multimedia, ergonomic, gaming, non-English, wireless, bluetooth, slim/mini, left-handed, and handicapped, to name a few. Prices range from $7.00 to $260. And, there are variations within each category. For example, there are at least 70 different wireless, and over 80 slim/mini types alone. Keyboard sizes range from versions that fit in a shirt pocket to the large gaming boards that are bigger than a laptop computer.

So, how does one decide which keyboard is best for their own use?

First, it is recommended that you list the types of work to be done using your new computer keyboard, such as : writing a book, doing math spreadsheets, accounting, e-mailing, CAD, blogging, medical data collection, manufacture machine control, military operations, graphic production, etc.

Next, determine what type operating space is involved. Will you be working at a desk, in a car or truck, at a standing desk, playing games from your bed or couch, on the move, at the coffee shop, in a contamination environment, or without connecting wires?

Finally, match the computer keyboard with the work and environment. These needs will also control the price of the board.

The new falcon™ keyboard by Falcon Enterprises, which has a the mouse in the space bar, is a full-size (standard key spacing), bluetooth, multimedia (computer, tablets, and smart phones), and spill-proof keyboard suitable for the production of everything from Word documents and spreadsheets, to uses where space is limited, environment is a concern, or remote operation is needed.

To learn more about the mouseless falcon™ keyboard, please visit the falcon™ Bluetooth Keyboard features page.

Or, watch the video below:


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