There are how many keyboard suppliers?!

Computer Keyboard - Keyboard Suppliers - Falcon Enterprises One would think that companies like Microsoft, Apple, Logitech, Dell, ACER, and HP are the primary computer keyboard suppliers in the world. While they are, there are at least 47, and probably many more suppliers that provide a wide selection of keyboards. Mechanical, Silicon Rubber, Bluetooth, Mini, Gaming, Industrial, Military, Medical, Ergonomic, with thumb-pads, trackballs, and with and without numeric pads, are all types of keyboards available to use with your computers, tablets or smart phones.

Mechanical (Cherry, scissor), contact, or proximity keys provide a variety of feedback to the keyboard operator while typing. Some like noisy, others prefer quiet key action. The Falcon™ Keyboard has even put the ‘mouse in the space bar’. It is not unexpected that with so many varieties of computer keyboards being supplied, the users develop a strong preference for some features over others depending on the work they are performing. No one keyboard can hope to meet the need or desires of all jobs and users.

Computer Keyboard List

The following is a compiled list of some of the computer keyboard suppliers that can be found on the web. In a previous Blog, Computer Keyboard Variations, it was advised that you should identify the work to be done and then select the keyboard that best meets the work involved. Maybe this list will help.

About a dozen of the suppliers listed are located in China. Taiwan, Sweden, and Germany also produce keyboards. Even those with addresses in the US may have their keyboards made offshore.