Syncing with Multiple Devices

Falcon Keyboard Syncing with Multiple Devices - Tablets Image
Falcon Bluetooth keyboard can sync with multiple tablets.

As you may have figured out by now, our new computer keyboard has a mouse placed in the space bar. The cursor action is called the Falcon™, and this Bluetooth keyboard can be synced with three other components at the same time. This provides quick switching from a PC to a smart phone, or to a tablet.

Flexibility on the Fly

This multi-platform keyboard, is capable of being operated with any personal computer (PC), iPAD, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone or Tablet equipped with Bluetooth chip set.  The synced device must support the “Bluetooth HID” (Human Interface Design) profile.  Microsoft Windows, Android, OSX and iOS should work whereas the Blackberry will not.

Syncing Multiple Devices

If you plan to have more than one device synced (or paired) to the same keyboard, select Fn+F1, F2 or F3 before starting the syncing operation so you can assign that device to the appropriate channel (F1, F2 or F3)*. The blue LED above the F1, F2 or F3 (determined by channel in use) key should slowly flash to indicate when the keyboard is connected.

*Note: F1 is the default channel and the first device will be paired using that channel if a channel is not selected.

Two-touch Switching Between PC, Tablet, and Smart phone

Type in style with this elegantly designed, Bluetooth keyboard with a Falcon™ on board. By pressing just two keys you can instantly switch between typing an email on your Windows PC, taking notes on your Apple iPad or replying to a text on your Android smart phone. This keyboard lets you create and communicate more easily on more devices.

If the 3 devices have all paired successfully, you can press Fn+F1, Fn+F2, or Fn+F3 to switch from one device to another.

Post Syncing Operation

If the keyboard turns off during periods of non-use, it can be awakened by pressing any key. The keyboard will become active again after the keyboard re-connects. An active connection is indicated by the flashing F1, F2 or F3 LED depending upon which sync channel is in use.

If the keyboard is turned off, it should remain synced when it is turned on again. Use the “Bluetooth” Control Panel, Device and Printer, Settings, or System Preferences screen to remove any unwanted pairings if interference is occurring.

Do you have other questions? Check out of FAQ, or let us know what’s on your mind.

Customer comments have been very positive for the multi syncing capability of the falcon keyboard. Some have even asked for additional capacity, like 5 components, for those involved with software programming work. If you have a similar interest, or a different issue, let us know by sending us a review.