Introducing the Falcon™ Mouseless Keyboard

Falcon Keyboards logo“Mouse in a Space Bar

There have been numerous efforts to break the ingrained use of the standard mouse, and to place similar operations closer to the operator’s hands when directly over the keyboard. Instrumented gloves, finger held gadgets, reflective rings, palmed electronics, headgear, earrings, foot-peddles, eyes, and forehead spots are some of the items showing up in various reports and patents.

In general practice, few, if any, of these attempts have come to the general user market. Their marketability may be hindered by the difficulty of their use, or very high costs. To be successful, a replacement of the current mouse has to be easier to operate, and of equal or less cost. This has been accomplished by the newly designed falcon™  Bluetooth Keyboard.

No mouse! No track pad!

To learn more about the mouseless falcon™ keyboard, please visit the falcon™ Bluetooth Keyboard features page.