Falcon™ Keyboard: Visit Us at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

consumer electronics showThe Big Show!

For those of you interested in electronics, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), scheduled each year for the first week of January in Las Vegas, is a great event to visit. This past January, over 150,000 visitors were logged. Curved TVs, robotic planes, 3-D printing, 4HD, smart phones, video games, the electronic home, vehicle electronics, GPS, and on and on, are just the tip of the various products being shown. This year should be no different.

Come Visit Us

The show runs from January 6-9, 2015 and Falcon Enterprises invites you to visit our booth (32017) to see the Mouse in a Space Bar falcon™ Bluetooth Keyboard first hand. This full-size, sealed, silicon rubber keyboard has just entered the market and is being advertised in the SkyMall catalog from Oct-Dec 2014. At our booth, you can get a first-hand feel and operate the falcon™. There’s no more mouse or thumb pad to deal with, and it can easily sync with three other Bluetooth components at the same time, such as a computer, tablet and smart phone. These three synced components will be on display, along with a video of the falcon™ in use.

Special Invitation

The initial distribution of the falcon™ Bluetooth Keyboard is being accomplished through three web outlets:


However, Falcon Enterprise’s goal is to place a falcon™ in as many keyboards produced as possible. Since the CES is a good venue for meeting other keyboard suppliers, this is a special invitation for their representatives to visit our booth for a personal discussion. To ensure sufficient time is made available, please contact Mr. Chris Lussier at 866-450-8932 for a meeting day and time.

We hope to see you at CES in Las Vegas!