Falcon Keyboard at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Jan 6-9, 2015

Falcon Enterprises at CES 2015
Falcon Enterprises at CES 2015

Falcon Enterprise’s computer keyboard with a ‘Mouse in a Space Bar’ was shown at a booth in the South 3rd floor area of the Las Vegas Convention center. The CES is an annual event that has attracted between 150,000 and 160,000 attendees. This year at least 170,000 industry professionals, including 45,000 from outside the US, attended. Over 3600 vendor companies, from around the world, presented their products for view by others companies. No products are sold to the general public at this show, as many are pre-production units projected to be introduced into the market during 2015.

There was a large concentration of foreign attendees since many of the new electronic products are now being made in China. There were some computer key boards from Germany, Taiwan, and Korea, but most were from China. Even the large US keyboard suppliers such as Logitech, Dell, and Microsoft have most of their keyboards made overseas.

The 2015 CES

At the close of the 2015 CES, it was quickly reported by the organizers as being the ‘largest and most amazing CES in show history’. Innovators from across the show floor unveiled their technology services and products that will add to the quality of life around the world. Using more than 2.2 million square feet of exhibit space, startups and existing companies alike showcased categories like automotive electronics, personalized health care solutions, unmanned vehicles, connected devices, 3D printers, gaming and much, much more.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CES, touted the event as the ‘center of convergence among content, services and products. The show’s goal of creating diverse CES experiences for our attendees appears to have succeeded.’

The international CES provides a proving ground for innovators, big and small. This year there were 375 startup companies, up from 220 last year. The falcon keyboard, presented by Falcon Enterprises, is a good example of a startup company showing its product. Time at the show provided the chance to make contact with a large number of keyboard companies that could be interested in adding the ‘falcon’ to their own boards. Making individual visits to this large a group of companies would require a large travel expense fund as well as the manpower costs.

There is very probably no place in the world where one can get so much done in so little time with so many companies. Even government officials from around the globe attend. And CES is expanding to include a CES Asia, which will run May 25-27 in Shanghai, China. More information on this new show can be obtained at www.CESAsia.com. CES will return to Las Vegas Jan 6 through Jan 9. This is a Wednesday through Saturday next year.

For the latest CES news an videos visit CESweb.org and CESweb.org/videos. B-roll for the 2015 CES is also available online. She show close video which contains official show stats can be found. CEA’s newest book Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicated by CEA Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac, Ph.D. is available now. Check out Variety’s CES Entertainment Matters, E-Show Daily Live for the trends at CES.