Beta Testing the Falcon™ Keyboard Optical Mouse, Part III

Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard at Work
The Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard at work.

Last week we began a review of the Beta Test results and reviews for the Falcon™ Bluetooth Keyboard. Part I provided an overall summary, and Part II presented a few individual tester’s comments. This Part 3 concludes with the final group of individual tester’s comments.

Excerpts from the Beta Tester’s Individual Final Reviews

“I got this keyboard a few weeks ago, and I have really enjoyed using it. I love the mouse track pad in the space bar. It does take a bit of getting used to, but it really comes in handy when you don’t want to worry about having a mouse on you all the time. This keyboard did take a bit to get used to, as the keys are a bit stiffer than I would like, but I am sure I can get used to it. But it does seem like it takes a bit more force to press the keys than it really needs to. Overall, I have really enjoyed this keyboard and I have found so many uses for it.”

“I liked this keyboard from the start, but I think it needs a little bit of work. If you don’t pay attention, the words tend to run together. On the other hand, I love the feel of the keyboard. It feels sturdy. It worked well, and lasts a long time on a single charge. Its mouse function is not my favorite feature, but it’s handy if you forget to bring your regular mouse. I think the concept is great. I really enjoyed using it, and it’s very nice to pair it with several different things, instead of only one.”

“This laptop has great ambitions! It wants to be your keyboard for your main computer (PC or Mac), and an easier way to type notes on your tablet or phone (Android or iPhones/pads). The included Bluetooth is a convenient way to connect to any 3 devices you generally use, to make switching a breeze. But the main hit of this keyboard- The ‘mouse’ is part of the keyboard! It’s right in middle of the spacebar, which takes some adjusting to, but works quite nicely.”

“The keyboard feels high quality and pairs easy with all my computers and mobile devices. The major fault this keyboard has is the mouse sensor and the placement of the sensor. The sensor should be moved off the spacebar, and the sensor needs to be reworked and optimized because it didn’t always recognize my fingers.”

“It’s more convenient because there’s no Bluetooth dongle needed. That is the only positive thing I can say about this keyboard. The mouse is much too sensitive and in a place where your thumbs would normally rest. Which means that you’re constantly triggering it between typing. It’s difficult to press the keys and that too is MUCH too firm. It’s a nice idea. Put it in a normal-sized keyboard, get rid of the silly coating, and you’ve got a winner.”

“The ability to seamlessly switch between devices with the touch of a hotkey combination, combined with full-size keys provides a comfortable, convenient experience no matter if you are using a Windows, Android, or IOS/MacOS device. As an added bonus, the product features a unique built-in mouse that allows you to track your finger over it to move the cursor on the screen. The lens is conveniently placed on the spacebar in the thumbs natural resting position, and the two mouse buttons right alongside the home row.”