Beta Testing the Falcon™ Keyboard Optical Mouse, Part II

Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard - Mouse in Spacebar
Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard can be used up to 30 feet away from the device.

Our previous post, Beta Testing the Falcon™ Keyboard Optical Mouse, Part I, presented an overall summary, and a few individual tester’s comments. In this second part, we continue with individual tester’s comments and reviews.

Excerpts from the Beta Tester’s Individual Final Reviews

“If you are looking for a Bluetooth keyboard with mouse functionality built directly in this is a good option. After a bit of use it will feel pretty natural in using your thumbs to adjust the mouse cursor.”


“After trying out this keyboard I have grown to love the flexibility of being able to have an integrated mouse. It’s easy to use and has extra features that customers can use. This is a great product and highly recommend the keyboard for its quality and ingenuity.”

“I also have several tablets and Android devices, a mobile phone, a Smart-TV, and a laptop, and I’ve been about to replace 4 keyboards with this one…which is an improvement over any of those four as well. I was also able to get rid of 2 different mice, so now I can stretch out on my sofa with just one device instead of 4 keyboards and 2 mice. This one’s a winner for someone who needs mobility and just one keyboard for several devices.”

“Want a keyboard that works across multiple devices and multiple OS and has a built-in mouse? Then look no further to this keyboard. Not only can you use this keyboard for Windows or Mac OS computers, you can also use this keyboard for your tablet or phone. This keyboard has it all in a nice rubberized, and ruggedized form factor.”

“The keys require more force than normal to press the keys, and do not offer enough tactile feedback to type quickly without making many mistakes. The most common mistake you will make when using the keyboard, is failing to press a key hard enough to register a proper key press.”

“The idea of having a mouse on your keyboard blew my mind and the fact that it is portable was even more amazing. Being able to lay down on my bed and surf the web instead of having to sit in my chair is an amazing thing to be able to do. So imagine my surprised having the ability to do that with this keyboard. Having the mouse on the keyboard is really, really convenient and while it has a learning curve, it’s definitely the best feature this keyboard has. Unless you enjoy typing at the speed of a snail, you will not enjoy this keyboard at all. My typing speed was more than halved. You have to press the keys really hard for them to register a press and even then, you aren’t guaranteed to be free of typos”

“This product feels pretty solid in build quality, but for my own preferences I like the feel of plastic under my fingers. the optical mouse takes some getting used to and if the thumb use is your preference it might be right up your alley.”

“This is a great keyboard, the all in one design makes it ideal for sitting on the couch with no real desk.”

“This is a very unique keyboard. It is a keyboard that integrates mouse controls (scroll-optical sensor, button for right, left, and scroll up/down). This is combined with a standard keyboard. The keyboard, itself is covered in an almost rubbery type feel. This seems really great for waterproofing. There is a huge downside to this rubbery feel, in that the keys are quite difficult to type on. They do not have the tactile feel of the Chiclet/mechanical keyboards and require a great deal of pressure for keys to be recognized. . I sincerely hope Falcon will reconsider the design of this keyboard, as it has such potential, but ultimately leaves a lot missing.”

“Excellent keyboard combination with mouse. I have used many keyboards, never seen one with a built in mouse. The keyboard is rubber-like material and you don’t have to worry about spilling anything on it. The Bluetooth connection works like a charm and the distance from device can go pretty far. The battery life was long. If your desk doesn’t have enough space for a separate keyboard and mouse, then the falcon keyboard is the way to go. It will save you space and the keyboard is top notch. This product is highly recommended.”

Be sure to check back next week for the even more Falcon™ Keyboard beta tester comments and product reviews.