Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Cool Electronic Gadgets for Techies

holiday tech giftsThe holiday season is bearing down on everyone, and those who face selecting the proper gift for a technically oriented person face a daunting task. Not being technically oriented themselves makes the giver’s efforts even harder. So, the following is an effort to help. And, to keep it economically reasonable, the suggested gifts listed below are all below $100 retail.

New Tech Gadgets

The Techie is always interested in the “new” gadget, and likes to be the first to have one. He/She probably has a box full of past “new” items with a utility that has long disappeared. The life of an electronic item is not long, maybe even a year or less. Not because it does not work anymore, but because a “new” improvement or a better version is put out on the market. Doesn’t matter. The “new” thing is just the thing wanted.

Polaroid CUBE:

This is the newest lifestyle action camera. It comes in three colors (Black, Blue, and Red). And, it’s a 1.4″ square with a 120 degree view. Water resistant, it can be mounted anywhere to record HD 1080p video or 10MP still photos. It has a recording capacity of up to 90 minutes on a single charge. And, it can be mounted on a Monkey Stand as shown here.

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Faceless Watch:

Using LEDs built into a watch band, a digital time is displayed by pushing a button on the side of the band. Comes in high gloss Black with Red LEDs or Brushed Nickel with Blue LEDs. The watch face is 1-3/4″ x 7/8″ W x 1/2″ D.

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Solar Charger for iPhone:

Power for the “new” stuff is usually provided by batteries, and recharging these batteries is a major concern, especially for those on the go. While batteries have gradually provided longer life between charges, at some point they need more juice. Your Techie won’t be caught powerless with this new USB or Sun charger. This Solar Keychain Charger provides up to 2 hours of phone talk time. Then, it can be recharged by the sun. It is available in Blue, Mint Green, Lavender or Red.

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Mouse in a Space Bar:

This new computer keyboard provides cursor action by moving the operator’s thumb over a small lens in the space bar. No more mouse or thumb pad. The operator can keep hands directly over the keyboard now and space required for operating the standard mouse is eliminated. This is a full-sized keyboard with simultaneous Bluetooth syncing for up to three devices. It provides for right/left click and scrolling. The board is rigid with silicon rubber keys. It’s spill proof, and uses a long life re-chargeable lithium battery.

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What are some of your favorite gift ideas for the tech lovers in your life this year? Please share in the comments section below!

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